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172 LBS to 142 lost 30 pounds and went from a dress size 14 to a 4.

My journey with Fighter Diet has been a life changing experience

In September 2013, I went to my gym like any other day and overheard the manager talking about a challenge he was doing and instantly needed to know what he was talking about. That’s when I discovered you and Fighter Diet. He showed me your picture and I thought, “YES! This is what I need!” That day I bought your FD Pyramid and studied.


I knew nothing about nutrition, how to eat, what foods to eat or even what calories really were on top of my completely incorrect way of training. At the time I discovered who you are and Fighter Diet, I was wrapping up my training and getting ready for the Chicago Marathon in October 2013.


I have always had a passion for fitness, especially running. In 2011, I trained and ran my first marathon. I continued to complete two 1/2 marathons and two full marathons in 2012 and 2013.

I thought that if I was a marathon runner then I must be in great shape, right?! Wrong, very wrong…


I never knew how to eat properly for training. I figured that if I have a 15 mile run tomorrow, I can eat a whole pizza in one sitting because I’d just burn it off.


I’ll never forget the day after my 3rd full marathon in October, 2013. I had bought myself a new bikini to celebrate my accomplishment! I had such a different mental image than what I actually looked like in my picture. I couldn’t believe how bad my body looked; it was surrounded by fat that just bulged over the bikini seams.


I wanted a quick fix from my fat self and I started (and quit) all kinds of diets; low carb, juicing, no sugar, some celebrity detox pill, a cayenne pepper maple syrup water drink, only fruits and vegetables…I mean you name it, I probably tried it. All to end up at the same spot…unhealthy, out of shape and both mentally and physically exhausted.


The kicker, I still did not look good in that bikini.


Over a year of all my yo-yo dieting, weight gain and very little loss, in December 2014 and I saw Pauline Nordin’s post for your Women’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge.


Seeing the post set a small fire inside of me like I remember getting when I was first introduced to you and Fighter Diet. Without hesitation, I signed up. I read your Ebooks front to back, studied, re-read and learned as much as possible. I read multiple success stories and began the challenging following your program precisely. The Women’s Guide to Fighter Diet, The Concept, Fat Loss by Mind Power; taught me the importance of nutrition, fueling my body, how to make goals, how to eat and train safely.


Your Butt Bible, Badass Workouts and FDX2 are all seriously badass!


I’ve never felt so strong and I’m blown away by the progress I have made by living the Fighter Diet lifestyle. The workouts are encouraging and always a challenge.


Fighter Diet has been the 1 and only lifestyle that has worked for me. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle that has given me the tools to lose fat, gain muscle and reach my goals.


It’s been a full 7 weeks of Fighter Diet, I began at 168 pounds with 28.8% body fat, today I am 150.3 pounds with 18.4% body fat and I can wholeheartedly tell you that this is only the beginning.


Thank you for Fighter Diet and most of all, thank you for your constant support and inspiration.


- Autumn Jones

How she uses our eBooks

“Following Pauline'’s routines I found the appropriate mix of cardio and weights to suit my needs. How much, how often, when, all the answers where there.””

How she uses our supplements


"I purchased FD Burn, FD Pump, and FD Greens looking for that extra edge. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I had more energy throughout the day, my workouts got better, my pumps got more intense, and I could push that much harder! Now I refuse to live without my FD supplements!”"