The Butt Bible Volume 1 (advanced)

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How to Build a Fantastic Butt

Everyone can get a fantastic derriere because it’s a MUSCLE and it grows from training!

You can use this ebook if you;

  • Looking for fat loss and shaping your glutes
  • Can not get a sore butt no matter how hard you work out

  • Don't know if your routine is efficient

  • Don't know if you're doing the right exercises in the right way

  • Incapable of actually getting a mind-muscle connection

  • Even if you think you haven’t been neglecting the rear, you might be surprised by the improvement you’ll see by tossing in one of these workouts. Ready for an awesome ass? The Butt Bible should be your next purchase!

It does not matter how much cardio you do or how well you diet, the weight training is extremely important to build round, shapely glutes. 


Below are examples of REAL PEOPLE with REAL RESULTS!


Andrea Chan, Testimonial and Video, A Fighter Diet Success Story!


In this book you’ll find great demonstration pictures showing you proper technique for some more standard exercises, perhaps some new-to-you exercises, and some good butt stretches as well.

It includes 9 pre-set workouts ranging from beginner to advanced, including Pauline’s favorite butt workout.



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Availability: In stock


The Butt Bible Volume 1 (advanced)