Lean Legs Pak 2 (advanced)

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The original Lean Legs Pack is the best selling Fighter Diet workout pack ever created for lean defined legs

Now, here's my second volume of intense, muscle defining programs to take you even further


You save MORE THAN 75$

Normal price to buy eBooks separately: 185$

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Leg Workout Ebooks in the pack

Fighter Diet Wheels, Fighter Diet Deadlifts, Fighter Diet Cardio

Upper Body workouts:

Back 2 the Roots Low volume strength training routines to maintain shape on top

Diet plans in the pack:

FDXR and FDXtreme Get Ripped

FREE ebook in the pack:

Fighter Diet Stretch


How to use Lean Legs Pak 2:


Fighter Diet Wheels (pick one workout)


Bak 2 the Roots (Back, biceps, forearms, abs)


Fighter Diet Cardio


Bak 3 the Roots (chest, shoulders, triceps, calves)


Fighter Diet Cardio first, Fighter Diet Deadlifts after (you can split them too, do cardio am, deadlifts pm)


DAY OFF & Stretch


DAY OFF & Stretch


Pauline Nordin

Availability: In stock


Lean Legs Pak 2 (advanced)