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Fighter Diet BCAA

How Do BCAAs Help People Who Weight Train, Strength Train or Want to Keep Body Fat Down?

BCAAs are Branched Chain Amino Acids that are commonly consumed in the form of supplements. A large number of bodybuilders & fitness conscious people take BCAAs to lessen body fat and build muscle mass.

Pauline takes 8 capsules pre and post workout

  • Triggers protein synthesis
  • Stimulates growth and repair
  • Reduces muscle breakdown and fatigue 

Fighter Diet Pauline BCAA

What are BCAAs?

BCAAs are actually Amino Acids that are the major components of muscle building proteins. The three BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are in the category of “essential amino acids.” This means that our body cannot make these aminos on its own and we must get them from an outside source. Vegans who rely on food combining to get enough protein from plants but avoid soy should be aware they might be deficient in these aminos.

We require an adequate amount of amino acids in order to maintain our muscle mass and people who exercise on a regular basis can find it difficult to retain a stable quantity of amino acids in their body. This is because exercise burns amino acids at a rapid pace and sometimes will even burn muscle.


Importance of BCAA Supplement

When you exercise, you use excess body fat to provide you with the required energy. However, when your body is lean from dieting and you are trying to gain moe muscle while avoiding fat gain, the body will reduce your muscle mass in order to get the energy required for the workout. So, the more you exercise; the more muscle you can possibly lose.

To prevent muscle loss and to provide your body with the sufficient amount it needs to retain its muscular build, you will need to supplement with BCAAs.

When you weight train, your muscles break down. To rebuild you need plenty  of amino acids before and after your workouts.
Hard training individuals have a greater requirement for amino acids than people do who don't work out.

Overall, supplementing with BCAAs is a great way to promote muscle growth, recovery and greater fat loss due to increased muscle mass.


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