Fighter Diet ButtBible Metal Shaker

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Fighter Diet ButtBible Metal Shaker

100% plastic free Stainless Steel multi-function sports bottle is the ideal solution for all workout enthusiasts who enjoy smooth & lump-free supplement shakes on the go.

The details on the FD ButtBible MetalShake are non-plastic and made in the new PP fiber material that is 100% organic and recyclable.


Pauline shows off the shaker


Happy Butt Bible Shaker Users :)


Shaker info

  • The leak-proof lid

The lid is specially designed to keep the shaker securely closed at all times with a deep twist lock design. The snap on lid will remain closed even during heavy shaking motion.

  • Stainless steel dissector net

The dissector net who´s new hole size development makes wireballs, or loose mixing elements inside the shaker, unnecessary. It delivers smooth and lump-free shakes in seconds.

  • The main container

The main container holds up to 17 ounces (550ml) of fluids. The MS IcePuck is made of a freezing gel that is 100% toxic free but not for consumption.

  • The IcePuck

Made in PP fiber and it fits in the middle compartment & keeps the bottle cool for 4-6 hours & the bottom storage compartment


The two storage compartments on the cup offers a wide range of applications:


The middle compartment

  • Use it with the IcePuck to keep the beverages really cold and fresh up to 4-6 hours.
  • Use it as a storage container for additional protein powder - ideal if you want to have one full pre-workout shake and one full post-workout shake.
  • Use it as a storage container for car keys, gym locker key, jewelry, money or any other small items.

The bottom container

  • Use it as a storage container to store any other beverages or supplements of your choice.
  • Use it as a drinking cup (either your own beverage or for your pet)



Availability: In stock


Fighter Diet ButtBible Metal Shaker