Combat Ready

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To prepare you to meet the U.S. Armed Forces standards on physical fitness by increasing your cardiovascular, muscular & strength endurance, and provide a basic nutritional plan

The reason I wrote this ebook is to show my support to you who choose this honorable path to serve in the military. I want you to make the commitment to be part of an elite band of the fittest, strongest and healthiest to be found in this wonderful country, to be a poster child for the military in terms of physical and mental excellence.

When you go into boot camp or take the physical fitness test for your chosen branch, I do not want you to just make it, I want you to surpass and outshine the rest. You will set a standard for the others to follow your steps.

In this guide you’ll find workout plans to prepare you for boot camp and the Physical Fitness Test (PFT), in not only the disciplines required in the branches, but also to provide you with a superior overall fitness conditioning. Nutrition is equally important and you’ll find information on how to eat for fat loss, muscle gain, endurance and for general well-being.

My goal is to provide you with a outstanding physical foundation so that you can serve your country with self- confidence, fearlessness and in world- class shape.

This ebook is dedicated in honor of your service. You can count on me as a motivating source for physical fitness, every step of the way!


Marine Alan Cumming talks about The Fighter Diet concept used in this book



Press Release Excerpt

Fighter Diet collaborates with service members from each branch to produce an All-in-One physical training and nutrition guide. 

The ebook includes the fitness requirements for each branch and provides a 12-week strength-training program tailored to help you excel in all the fitness test components

As the winning coach for Sweden’s “Biggest Loser,” Pauline Nordin knows what it takes to lose and maintain a healthy weight.  Her philosophy that you can eat a large amount of food and not over-consuming calories, has catapulted her success as a fitness ambassador worldwide. 

In this ebook, Pauline has solicited food items from cafeterias in deployed locations, to advise members on the best food options for weight loss and muscle mass.  She provides basic advice on calorie requirements for each individual and supplementation if desired. 

How is this program different from all others? It was created & co-authored by some of our own armed services member who know the complexities of military life and maintaining a year-round combat ready physique.  

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Combat Ready