10 Things To Know About Cortisol!

10 Things To Know About Cortisol!

1. Cortisol is essential for LIFE. If you don't produce any you'll die.

2. Cortisol increases from intense training and it's a natural reaction you don't want to eliminate if you COULD.

3. Cortisol works together with other hormones to burn fat.

4. Cortisol in itself does not make you fat despite what fad diets and fad supplements claim.

5. Balancing cortisol is done with proper diet and proper training protocol plus reducing NEGATIVE stress in your life.

6. Supplements that MIGHT help to reduce/balance cortisol: relora, Phosphatidylserine, lemon balm, fish oil, rhodiola, ashwagandha.

7. The normal diurnal cortisol rhythm is HIGH am and then dropping over the day, reaching lowest at night. However, add training in the pm and you will get a natural boost there of it as well.

8. Emotional stress and not being happy in where you are in life are the WORST and BIGGEST cortisol triggers.

9. Carbs help blunting cortisol.

10. Adrenal fatigue is thrown around a lot but only two real conditions have been confirmed: Addison's disease and Cushing's Syndrome. If you want to test your adrenals' health, you test ACTH to see your pituitary's function and also diurnal cortisol.


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