10 things I was told while building my physique

10 things I was told while building my physique and proved them ALL wrong:


1. Can't build that much muscle naturally. WRONG

2. A woman who isn't naturally lean can not get lean. WRONG

3. Can't maintain a lean body all year round. WRONG

4. Need to BULK up and get a bit fat to build. WRONG

5. Can't do cardio and build muscle. WRONG

6. Can't train like a man without looking like one. WRONG

7. I will ruin my back from all the squats and deadlifts. WRONG

8. Heavy training will make my STOCKY. WRONG

9. MUST eat 6 meals a day to get buff. WRONG

10. Can't eat dinner at 11 pm and get lean. WRONG.

What's YOUR favorite thing people say to you that is complete bull? Let me know in the comment field below!


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