10 Ways To Maximize Your Workout:

10 ways to maximize your workout:

1. Think ahead and plan your workout.

2. In case the gym is busy or a certain area is occupied, prepare with your backup exercise.

3. Drink up lots of fluids so you're not dehydrated.

4. Prime your muscles' growth response with a whey protein shake pre/and/post workout.

5. Go through last week's workout to make sure you increase reps or poundage used.

6. Ask yourself what's the goal with the workout

7. Schedule it when you're the most motivated to hit it.

8. If you don't feel motivated, don't overanalyze and remember a decent workout is better than no workout at all.

9. Load up on great music.

10. Visualize your goals so you understand WHY you're busting your butt!


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