20 reasons the GYM is your best relationship:

20 reasons the GYM is your best relationship:

1. Gym doesn't need you to function

2. Gym doesn't bitch back when you've been gone for a while

3. You can come and go as you like, no questions asked

4. It's always up for a session

5. You can bang the crap out of it and nobody gets hurt

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6. Gym doesn't require you to be there 24/7

7. Gym doesn't talk back

8. You don't have to talk or explain yourself when you don't want to

9. The gym doesn't spread rumors

10. You know it will always be there for you

Fighter Diet Optimized4 Pauline & Dumbbell Rows (yes real weights)


11. Sometimes all you want is a quickie and that's 100% ok

12. The gym doesn't require presents or sucking up when you've been a bit negligent.

13. The gym keeps you interested by having TONS of things to experiment with

14. You can always go in to just BE

15. You can wear headphones and work it and nobody gets offended

Fighter Diet Optimized1 One arm pushups


16. The gym doesn't cheat

17. Gym doesn't judge you

18. You can be fully comfortable being who you are with the gym

19. Gym never changes

20. The gym gives you unconditional love. As long as you pay membership. Haha!


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