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Bianca's NEW Physique

Bianca's transformation is incredible! Here is her story:

After signing up for the gym in Feb 2015 I lost a little bit of weight, but I was nowhere happy.

Intimidated and with a self esteem that was close to none ,  googled fitness videos and tried to understand all the new fitness lingo. And that's how I found Pauline and Fighter Diet.

I loved her approach and how she empowers women from the get go and after browsing through her webpage I signed up for C&G - and I have not looked back ever since.


What I like the most is that Pauline is never about a quick fix.

She gave me the tools for a healthy lifestyle and makes me wonder 'what else is left in me?' and 'how much can I push myself today?'  She turned me into a true warrior, and I have found my passion for weightlifting. ?

Bianca Foxx flex friday abs

By: Bianca Foxx

Editor: Pavel Ythjall,


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