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Cindy's Super Shred Transformation

I joined Fighter Diet mostly out of curiosity. I had put on a few extra pounds trying to build muscle and thought 'ya its time to Shred!'

What I found out is the Fighter Diet is more than just a meal plan and training. It is an empowering supportive community with woman from all around the world just like me.

Cindy Golden Progress

Wanting to build muscle, shed fat and feel better. Not only did I lose the extra pounds I put on, I learned a way of life. A way to build muscle and stay lean. One of the best experiences I have had on my fitness Journey, I appreciate Pauline and all the Moderators for all their time and energy they put into the Fighter Diet Challenge to make the experience such a success.

Cindy Golden Tricep

Thank you for everything and now it's time to Get Buff and Get Lean in the Summer Shred Challenge!!


By: Cindy Golden

Editor: Pavel Ythjall,



Super-Shred-Winner Our latest winner, Marueen Williams, lost 24lbs!

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Kamie Mc Dermond Kamie Mc Dermond
Rebecca Scott Rebecca Scott
Autumn-Optimized Autumn Jones
Gwen, lost 22 pounds Gwen, lost 22 pounds
Tori-Optimized Tori Riegler