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Fighter Diet Motivation

"What is your motivation, miss Fighter Diet " is a question I get asked pretty frequently. It seems to be mandatory to have some true clear goals that you can achieve one at a time until over and done.


Nationals BB Optimized Swedish Nationals Weigh In


Flashback Optimized Competing in Figure 2007


I used to be that way. I was in Sweden and first I was going to get a pro card. Done. Then it was to move to America. Done. And be on tv. Done. Star in magazines. Done.

After a while I just realized that I needed to work on my other kind of to-do list. The one that is all about doing what I love and make money off of it. The motivation is not getting rich, because if that was my main goal I would choose another field for my career. I don't want to become just "famous"either just for the sake of being famous, there are too many of those ones already I don't need to be another one of them.

My main goal in life. What is that? To inspire. To show that where there's a will there's a way.

Tokyo Optimized Pauline and a fan in Tokyo


That it doesn't take talent or genetics, it takes hard work and discipline. And to live a life I'm proud of when looking back. If I'll be able to look back that is! It's of less importance how I do it since I could use different approaches, but I just want to make a positive impact on people. And since my passion is fitness, well, there you go, inspire people to get fitter and healthier.

Glutes Optimized R1 Gym, California, Time to SQUAT!


I am happy I was not born rich and spoiled. How do you motivate yourself to do something if you actually don't need to make money?


Well, you go find yourself a challenge that is way over your head, something that intimidates you, something you are not really sure you can succeed at.  I know you may wonder what happens if you cannot make it? Well, you tried and it's better to try and know it did not work out than to not do it and wonder what if... Come on, don't be afraid of getting broken down at times. It creates stamina!

Some times I get told "You could stop right now and be happy with what you've done". WHAT? No way! I have not even gotten started here! I need that adrenaline rush from obtaining my desired milestones, or to better put it: stepping stones. Everything is a stepping stone to something.


Pauline Optimized Pauline in BIggie (her car)

Gotta move on before it gets to comfortable. Rotation and turns to keep on climbing up instead of looking for a quick fix escalator. This holds true in the gym as well as in all the other areas of my life. The never ending hunt for challenges. Nothing feels as good as getting yourself into something that is too tough for you but you do it out of pure pride and succeed.

I always work on raising the bar. I don't want to get stuck in some kind of nice position where the money rolls in and I am cool but bored.


Abs Optimized

It does not matter what level you are at, that level will sooner or later feel like a stroll in the park and thus you get bored again. Boredom is death for creativity and after that it's all down hill! Some days yeah I feel like "would be so nice if I had less high ambitions and put less pressure on myself", but I would not want to settle for anything than everything anyway so I put that thought down.

I think it's the same thing with trying to obtain a great physique. I always wanted one, I was not born with one. So, I worked my butt off and it started to look good after a half decade or so. LOL.

For me, being disciplined with my training and diet proves to myself that I can do whatever I want as long as I stay focused and not lose the drive.

My passion is my drive and I am pretty convinced it will take me to where I want. Where that is? Oh, I have NO idea, I am just enjoying the ride!!!


Goosegump Optimized Goosegump (Paulines cat) and Pauline



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