You know why I created Fighter Diet?

You know why I created Fighter Diet?

It was out of pure necessity. I WANTED to be lean and buff 365 days a year, not just peak for a fitness show and then regain 20 lbs of fat in between.

Pauline Monster Shoot -1-2

I was SO hungry all the time from dieting to get in shape for the shows and photo shoots. I was NOT happy. I doubted I could keep it up feeling so angry, moody and miserable.

I did hours of cardio every day trying to compensate for eating too much although all healthy calories it STILL was too much for my little body to result in the lean muscular physique I wanted to achieve.

That year, 2007 was when I pinpointed the rules of my concept, one by one, and then put it to a true test. The BEST rule of the whole concept is and was 'prevent overeating by overeating'.

Pauline Monster Shoot -2

You know those days when you're SO HUNGRY you can NOT go on sticking to your exact diet 100%? Well, what do you think will get you in shape: adding more food or go binge and then restrict your intake the next days followed by another panicking hunger attack and a binge again...?

So, instead of keeping my ALL OR NOTHING mindset I did what kept me sane, boosted my metabolism and kept my on the right track: I ATE MORE WHEN I NEEDED so I never had to splurge on thousands of calories from pizza, chocolate and ice cream.

Pauline Monster Shoot -1

The result you see in pictures. I got leaner and buffer month for month from 2007.

It was a great thing! When I no longer indulged too much I could afford to eat MORE on a daily basis which in return cut back on my insane cravings. With fewer obnoxious cravings I could manage to stay strict for longer time.


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