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Swati is REBUILDING her body

Swati's incredible story is nothing short of inspirational

6 years ago I was severely injured in a car accident and was told I'd never walk again, my spinal cord had been damaged. My life was turned upside down at the young age of 22. At that point I had a choice, to sink or to swim. You all know what I chose!

With a body 25kg heavier in weight due to immobility, I got my ass to the gym and fought like a warrior each day.

First I learnt how to sit, then stand and then take steps and although my body hasn't recovered 100%, I feel like I'm flying.


You can't tell from these pics, but I utilize crutches to mobilize on a daily basis. Though my legs are still affected by the accident, fighter diet has taught me discipline and given me the opportunity to tap into my working muscles in a different way.

I mean I definitely see some quads coming through, what an amazing program!


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