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10 Natural ways to boost up metabolism!

10 Natural ways to boost up metabolism!

1. Weight train to build muscle mass. Muscle burns fat FOR you.

2. Eat plenty of protein. Protein helps building muscle, has a high thermic effect and regulates/stabilizes your blood sugar.

3. Eat a high volume of low calorie foods. Digestion = costs calories = burning more fat.

4. Add hot spices: mustard, garlic, cinnamon, curry powder, hot chili, ginger, chili.

5. Add HIIT or short interval cardio workouts into your regimen.

6. Get up and do 20 burpees 3 times during the day

7. Put your A/C at 70 degrees or lower

8. Under dress so you're a bit cold

9. Drink lots of cold water. Your body needs to heat it up and that costs energy.

10. Eat lots of fiber. Fiber takes some calories out of the food when it goes out the natural way = some don't get absorbed.


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