10 REASONS you need to BELIEVE you can GET FIT

10 REASONS why you need to BELIEVE you can GET FIT:

1. You are JUST AS GREAT as anyone else.

2. There's no secret weapon other people use. We ALL work hard and so can you. YOU ARE 100% capable of doing the best of your body you CAN.

3. YOU are in charge of your choices! YOU can CHOOSE right.

4. IMAGINE waking up each day and feel "WOW I'm AWESOME! I AM DOING THIS, I'm COMMITTED!!!"



5. The ONLY thing holding you back no matter your situation is YOU. NO EXCUSES. YOU CAN ALWAYS do the BEST you can.

6. So what you're in a wheel chair: have you seen the amazing physiques of athletes in wheel chairs? So what you have a certain disease that holds you back: maybe your right side of your body doesn't keep up but HEY, can't you still EAT right and maybe make that left arm stronger? What if you have a weak back? You can LEARN to make the weak back a bit stronger!

7. YOU choose constructive habits or destructive. YOU choose. NOBODY else.

8. You are doing this for YOU. Make yourself proud!

9. LOVE YOUR BODY no matter how ugly you think it looks. We all have ugly angles, it's NORMAL and it's part of you. MAKE those ugly angles BADASS and embrace them. They do make the good stuff look even better you know!

10. WHY NOT YOU? You're not weak, you're not action paralyzed. You DO think, you DO reflect, you ARE smart and KNOW deep inside what to do. SO DO IT. JUST DO IT. Auto pilot on, workout clothes on, eyes on the prize, no more french fries!



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