6 'what you do & what to do instead' when you want to get leaner

6 'what you do & what to do instead' when you want to get leaner!
1. Ditch that brown rice on your lunch and dinner plate and load up on vegetables. Why? You get MORE food, more minerals and vitamins and chewing more equals more satisfaction for your brain about your diet status.
2. Swap ANY cold cereal or crunchy breakfast item for oat bran or oatmeal.
3. Drink 2-3 whey protein shakes (or other pure protein shakes) to stimulate your metabolism and build muscle. Whey tends to suppress your appetite and stabilize blood sugar by the way.


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4. Limit your grains/starch/pure sugar carbs to AROUND your workouts. This is where it can help you perform and recover.
5. Do NOT drink any fluids with calories or carbs. If you need electrolytes for your sweaty sessions, drink sports drinks without sugar added.
6. Watch the ground turkey you buy. The dark meat is almost as fatty as beef. Same is true regarding dark chicken and white chicken meat.

Andrea Chan (pictured on top & below), watch her success story below (video)
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