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Brooke's Butt Bible Journey

My transformation may not be over, but where I am at now - I can only be proud.

I have been following Pauline and taking her supplements for years.  I had ebooks and would follow a plan at first and then fail with diet.  I joined two challenges prior to the Butt Bible and failed with diet, yet again.

I watched all of these women transform before my eyes during these challenges and asked myself "why can't that be me?" and it could have.

So I prepared for this challenge differently, I actually read the ebook "Fat Loss by Mind Power" over and over again.  As the challenge began, I read the ebook almost every day to get that mindset drilled into my head.  I needed to get back to a healthier me.  I started losing weight very fast in the beginning of the challenge, but of course the motivation started to dwindle after a couple weeks.

Brooke Swindell

I didn't slip up, but I reminded myself that I was not going to quit.  I wanted bad food and I wanted to skip workouts.  But once I got the "I can't" out of my head, I was able to just keep on.

Brooke Swindell Booty

I had a lot of family functions and going out, and was able to resist the temptations - my family and friends were actually SUPPORTIVE.  Once the word diet comes up everyone thinks you're starving yourself.  But simply telling and showing them the volume of food, they see that's not the case!

Brooke Swindell Side

Now that I've gotten through this twelve weeks successfully, I can't wait to see what the next challenge will hold!

I have officially lost 30lbs in this challenge, but there's so much I've gained physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thank you Pauline, mods and amazing FD ladies for all that you do.


By: Brooke Swindell

Editor: Pavel Ythjall,


The NEXT Challenge STARTS JULY!!

The Cuts & Gainz 12 Week Transformation Challenge is COMING!!