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Christina Found Her Six Pack and Her Confidence!

I have always been into fitness and struggled to maintain my weight but could never achieve my goals.

I started long distance running in order to lose fat but saw no improvement. Over the years my figure got worse and I assumed that because I was getting older there was no hope. I just exercised to keep my heart healthy and kind of gave up thinking I would ever like the way I looked.


I saw an ad for Fighter Diet through Fitness RX magazine and was amazed at the transformations and decided to give it a try.

In February 2016 I started the Butt Bible Challenge and today we just ended week 11. It is easy to follow and there is a ton of support but it also requires a lot of hard work! In 11 weeks I've lost 9 lbs, 2 inches off my waist and 4 inches off my hips (haven't been this weight/size in 20 years)!

I am utterly amazed! I sometimes catch my reflection and don't even recognize myself! I am extremely grateful to Pauline for sharing her knowledge and expertise with us, it has been life changing. Summer Shred is on my calendar for April and I am so excited to continue my journey on Fighter Diet!!

Christina Muringer Abs Christina Muringer Abs Side

Christine rocking her six pack!!


By: Christine Muringer

Editor: Pavel Ythjall,


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Super-Shred-Winner Our latest winner, Marueen Williams, lost 24lbs!

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Kamie Mc Dermond Kamie Mc Dermond
Rebecca Scott Rebecca Scott
Autumn-Optimized Autumn Jones
Gwen, lost 22 pounds Gwen, lost 22 pounds
Tori-Optimized Tori Riegler

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