THIS is why your CLEAN EATING is NOT paying off

THIS is why your CLEAN EATING is NOT paying off step by step

1. You are applying eating healthy and staying away from all junk and 'processed' or refined foods. Your goal is to cut body fat.

2. Since you're eating only healthy foods you're not weighing it or tracking your intake 100%.

3. Thinking healthy foods aren't ever converted to body fat or halting fat loss you find yourself adding a bit more of the healthy stuff here and there.

4. You eat oats, eggs, peanut butter, red salmon, coconut oil, sweet potatoes, almonds, brown rice, chicken breast, turkey breast, rice cakes, raisins, figs, ground bison, quinoa, broccoli, blueberries, apples, banana, dried apples and drink almond milk, dark chocolate and goji berries. ALL these foods are healthy, so what's the problem you think.

5. The math has to be made. TOO much of TOO many things COMBINED no matter HOW healthy = EXCESS calories and macros.

Voila, you're not getting lean.  So what to do? 


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