Success Stories

Dianna Johnston RECLAIMED Her Life

Super Shred Challenger Dianna adopted the Fighter Diet lifestyle and is NOT looking back!

I used to compete.  I gained a lot of weight in the 4 yrs since my last competition.  I was disappointed in my self and decided I needed to do something.  I researched FD after a friend of mine had just finished a challenge.

So I joined my first challenge in January.  Now with only a few weeks to go in this challenge (Super Shred) I am super excited to start my 2nd challenge Summer Shred!

I am so behind this way of life style that I am telling everyone I know they need to get involved.  Photos show January 2016 to March 2016.  SHRED ON THE FRIGHTETDIET WAY!


By: Dianna Johnston

Editor: Pavel Ythjall,