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Why Eating VOLUME is KEY

Why eating VOLUME is WAY better for a lean body than eating small meals:

The more you eat the more your body spends time breaking it down and utilize it. That means ENERGY is used, and in other words you expend MORE calories.

The more you eat the more you prevent getting the munchies and we know what happens when you try portion control for too long....

Small meals mean small thermic effect. Thermic effect is the energy needed to digest and use the food you eat.

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Does it matter what you eat ? HECK YES!

Unrefined foods like vegetables wins over processed stuff.

Protein wins over carbs and fat.

Chewing the veggies wins over juicing them.

Eating nuts whole instead of nut butter wins.

Drinking protein shakes with cold water takes more energy since you need to heat up the water!

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So many are obsessed about 'flat tummy' 24/7 but why? Flat isn't the same as LEAN. When you train hard you need to eat a lot.

I like to eat big meals at night. I have a whole night to get my stomach "flat" again. Does it work? Yeah! Do you see my belly getting rounder and fatter each year?

The best plan for DIET and WORKOUTS!

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Meals that keep you satisfied and get you LEAN!