Fighter Diet Chocolate Pudding

Are you addicted to chocolate? Welcome to the Fighter Diet club!

You're in excellent company because chocolate is a staple fat on Fighter Diet.

Is all chocolate equally good? Not at all. From a health perspective you want to indulge in pure chocolate without added sugars, milk, caramel or other new filler ingredients the industry put in the bars to make them taste delicious.


The fat in chocolate is mostly saturated, but if you've been listening to the nutrition news you should be aware that saturated fats do not equal clogged arteries and heart disease.

The main fatty acid in chocolate is stearic acid which does not raise LDL (the so called bad cholesterol, but this is now under dispute..) and the other fatty acids are mainly palmitic acid and oleic acid.

Oleic acid is monounsaturated just like olive oil which is a healthy fat.


Chocolate contains flavanols and polyphenols, which are types of antioxidants thought to protect from cardiovascular disease and sun damage.

It's rich in iron, magnesium and selenium as well as theobromine and caffeine which stimulate the brain.


I only use 100% chocolate without added sugar, cocoa powder, cacao nibs and Lily's chocolate chips. The chips contain erythritol and stevia, but you can make your own by chopping chocolate bars, melt it with stevia then let it cool and break them again into tiny chips.


Fighter Diet Chocolate Protein Pudding with Choco Chips


2 heaping scoops Fighter Diet Whey in chocolate

10 grams cocoa powder

2 tbsp chia seeds

1-1 1/2 cups of water

30 grams lily's chocolate chips

stevia or erythritol to taste

Directions: mix the whey protein, stevia/erythritol, cocoa powder and chia seeds in a cup. Add water and stir. Put in the refrigerator for two hours allowing the pudding to set. Sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. Enjoy!

Get started on Fighter Diet today and enjoy a life of Fitness!