17 reasons HOW to get off the couch

Once upon a time I too had those days when I just couldn't get myself to the gym even when I lived a block away lol.

So let me give you some tips:

The hardest part is GETTING there. I used to trick myself into believing I would just go to the gym and do one set of squats and then leave. Of course when I then got there it was just as well to get a whole workout in.

2) If you are doing double sessions, make sure you leave some stuff in the locker so you got to pick it up before the close. Since you are going there you can as well work out right?

3) Remember that lying on the couch turns you into a couch: soft and puffy :-)

4) Food tastes so much better after a workout.

5) Think about how wonderful it is to return back home after exercise.

6) What will you do in the next hours that is more important than working on reaching your goals?

7) If you use postworkout carbs, promise yourself some extra good ones if you go work out.

8) Remember WHY you should train. Does your ideal body come from slacking?

9) If you have lots of weight to lose, the better you work at it each day the closer you are at reaching your goal.

10) A tight body comes from majority of training and a little rest, not the other way around.

11) Your body was made for exercise.

12) If you have been sitting all day, you owe your glutes some circulation

13) Nothing beats winning over your laziness!

14) Think about what other people with the same goals are doing right now: you think they are training or no?....

15) A light workout is better than none. Well, not really IMO, but better doing something than nothing if something means you do ANYTHING.

16) Be smart. Get your training done when your motivation is on top. If you are sleepy after work it will always be a fight to get to the gym. Maybe going before work is a better option.

17) Otherwise, there is no way around it. You got to train, you got to keep on doing the same thing over and over and over and over again and not get discouraged, not get bored, staying focused and determined. Creating the body of your dreams AND feeling great doing so takes patience, dedication and commitment.


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