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50+ and going STRONG!

Here's Karen's story about how she discovered Pauline and ultimately joined THREE consecutive Fighter Diet Challenges!

I've always admired and have been interested in people with muscle mass.

What I always considered Top Fitness physique, but never allowed myself the energy or time put toward it, in my own life.....Until.....

I came across one of Pauline Nordin's instructional videos on Facebook. Honestly, my first thought was, "Who is this lovely geek w/ glasses?"

Until I actually watched Pauline's instructional video, and noticed her great form, enthusiasm, and intrusive beauty AND physique !

At this time, I HAD TO KNOW MORE !  I began following Pauline's instructional video posts, where she was in her own home, using whatever she had around to instruct the moves she was sharing, be they a glass, a can, a mop, etc, etc..... I thought, "awesome! this gal has sense of humor too, wonderful!"

Which then led me to sign up for my first online 12 weekTransformational challenge which happened to be 'Build and Burn.' I did well within that first challenge, and signed up for the next one, Cuts and Gains. However, I was not as consistent in the second challenge .

I decided to come back for the next 12 week challenge in line.....The "Glutorious" Butt Bible Challenge! I am now preparing for Pauline Nordin's next 12 week transformational challenge Summer Shred! AND I've been actively trying to recruit a few other friends to join this challenge as well, and I have high hopes that at least one will join.

I've found happiness in sharing Paulin's program with others and training to transform MY mind and body!


Always Grateful, Sincerely, Karen Wiscowiche

Karen Wiscowiche


Join a Fighter Diet Challenge, go to, we start a new 12 week challenge every 3 months. So far in 2016, over 10,000 has participated. 



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