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Melanie Changed Her Body and Her LIFE

Here is my journey to gaining back control of my health

First you have to know I had my daughter at 19 years old, so I went from young lady to mom Body...I never really got what I needed to take control of what was happening to my body after...its been a very long yoyo.

Till my sister talked me into taking a challenge with Fighter Diet...she was so on point with this idea

It was a bad time in my life but i took it... I had just lost my dad, had trouble with my emotions because I was scared to loose my mom who had breast cancer, my husband had 2 car accidents, lost his job, I had a troubled teenager to deal was hard, but I had the choice to crumble under all that weight or to lift it up...I chose to lift it up... it did gave me the back bone to tackle it all every day...

I did Butt Bible, Cuts & Gains and now Super Shred...I went from 195 pounds to 168 pounds, then from 168 pounds to 158 pounds, and I am currently at 155 pounds...

I am feeling confident, proud, healthy, dare I say Beautiful inside and out...

I feel emotional as I am writing this....its been a fantastic journey and I will keep on challenge for me will be the mixed gender (DYD, editors note)....its gonna be a lot of fun I am sure of it!!

Thanks FD Team, Pavel, Pauline, Moderators... you are all rock stars to me!!!​

MelanieDrainville-Labossiere2 Melanie at the START of her Fighter Diet Journey compared to NOW!


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