Motivation Comes and Goes

Motivation comes and goes

Some days you feel invincible, other days more like an old dish sponge.

When you work so hard but your body isn't interested to give you what you want, It's tough to not question why the heck do you do it.

We're taught 'work hard, get paid, but our bodies are mysterious. Under the surface big things can be in the making, but we don't see it, so we don't believe it.

Some times it seems like no matter what you do. You're just stuck. And that's when your energy just drops to null. How many days, weeks, months can you keep it up? How to keep hoping for that morning when you suddenly SEE it? How do you not just give up? How many days can you stay tough and just wait?

No, it's not easy. Definitely not easy. Unfair, yes.  

But what if I told you...that tomorrow can be the day. Tomorrow can be when you get it confirmed: it's all worth it. Tomorrow can be when you wake up and you take a look and you SEE it. You see your patience paid off, your body was just slow, it was just rebellious?

If you knew tomorrow would be the day you see the light in the tunnel, would you still give up today?


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By: Pauline Nordin

Editor: Pavel Ythjall,