Reality Check

Reality Check for those who try to LEAN OUT what's not even THERE

Let me explain a few things because you need to wake up and smell the green beans

1. ALL weight workout programs build muscle if they are progressively challenging. If you train only heavy and low reps you train more for strength than muscle SIZE.

2. If you feel you're losing muscle you probably don't have enough to start with, then consider how you approach your workouts! Are you really lifting heavy enough? Do you go by 'light weights' to tone?

You don't choose lighter weights just to do lighter. Ask Ronnie Coleman, Mr Olympia, if his "light weight baby" doing high rep with heavy load is "light."

There's a place for both heavy and low reps and higher reps which naturally decreases the actual weight used. However, it sure doesn't FEEL light for the muscles.

3. You are JUST not muscular enough and now as your body fat decreases you NOTICE that oh shit, you don't have that much muscle at all.

4. If you're also UNDER EATING, PLUS don't have enough muscle, you ARE GOING TO INEVITABLY end up SKINNY SMOOTH.

5. If you're at your goal weight but you want more muscle to be visible then that's a 100% CLEAR SIGN your muscle mass is way too low for your goal. The solution is NEVER to do another "cutting phase" but go back to the trenches, eat more and get your loads up in the gym.

So there you go.
Don't blame the program without taking a GOOD look at where you ARE with your fitness journey. MUSCLE MASS AND LEANNESS TAKE TIME.

I always recommend following a PLAN consistently when you want to get lean. The pick and choose and calculate as you go is just very fruitless in 99 out of 100 cases.

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