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Susan Has Gone Fighter Diet for LIFE

Buying a new bikini at 55 years old was the biggest surprise to me, and I'm just at the beginning of my fitness journey with Fighter Diet.

Susan Perry Front Progress

I heard about Pauline Nordin and Fighter Diet at the gym. Almost 12 weeks ago the Butt Bible challenge began, and it's been life changing. Getting in shape at my age was going to be tough, since I needed help and didn't have a big budget.

After almost 12 weeks, it's hard to believe its my body in the mirror, but there's also a transformation that's taken place internally. It's a shift in my attitude towards myself and what I've accomplished.

Susan Perry Back Progress

Walking into the gym, smiling, feeling confident, with my FD workout plan- it's not  intimidating anymore. Buying food at the grocery store is actually fun since I've learned what to eat and how to avoid binge eating.

Thank you Pauline Nordin, Fighter Diet, the moderators and all the women out there who were doing this challenge with me. You've been in my heart all along the way and truly inspired me.  I'm signed up for the Summer Shred challenge, and  have recruited 2 of my friends. Fighter Diet for life!


By: Susan Perry

Editor: Pavel Ythjall,


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