Success Stories

Tori Riegler won MORE than a photo shoot!

SHE WAS ACCUSED FOR PHOTO SHOPPING her before and afters but the ENTIRE Fighter Diet Community defended her and stood by her!

Listen to her story:

“What the heck is Fighter Diet, and why would anyone want to do it?”

Those were the exact words that came out of my mouth as my husband exclaimed how awesome this new concept he had heard about was and how badly he wanted to do it. At the time, I had never even set foot into a gym, let alone thought that other women had. Oh, how silly and naïve I was.

I didn’t think much about Fighter Diet on my own but I was reminded of it EVERY TIME I talked to my husband on the phone while he was on deployment. So as a surprise, I decided to
get him the Men’s Muscle Pak for his birthday. Man was he happy!!

I didn’t know it at the time, but his gift was going to be one of those gifts that kept on giving, and I would end up being one of its greatest benefactors. Here is my story...


One Fail, Two Fail, Red Fail, Blue Fail…

I hate to say it, but it did take me a few tries to fully commit to Fighter Diet. I wish I could tell you that I started and never looked back, and now have the hardest six-pack you’ve ever dreamt of.

But, truth is, Fighter Diet requires dedication, and that, I did not give. My first go round was with The Women’s Guide; I purchased it after I had read The Men’s Guide and felt that Pauline really knew what she was talking about. In one e-book, I felt connected enough to trust this woman, and I was ready to follow whatever she told me to do.

And I did. My first steps into a gym were because of Pauline, and I will be eternally grateful to her for that because my passion for fitness has become something that grows stronger each and every day.

I attempted FD for the first time in April 2014, I made it a few weeks, and got stronger with every workout but somewhere along the line I convinced myself that I couldn’t do it.

“It’s too expensive”

“I don’t have the time”

“This lifestyle is unrealistic.”

All bullshit. The fact of the matter is that I didn’t have the mental discipline or, the desire to succeed, so I FAILED.

The second go round with FD was slightly better because my husband was home, and we were doing it together but that didn’t quite work out as I had wanted it to either.

I wanted to commit 110%, and I wanted my husband to do the exact same as me, but had his own plans seeing as he was already very fit, and wanted to follow what he had been doing. This upset me because I could not understand why someone who had raved on and on about this program wouldn’t just do it, especially after we had spent so much money on it. (Sorry honey!)

Long story short, we compromised and did the diet together but we didn’t last very long until those negative voices came creeping in.

"If you aren’t going to do it all the way, then why do it at all?”

“This is way too expensive for two people”

“You aren’t going to be happy doing this, how will you enjoy life if all you eat is vegetables!?”

“What are we trying to be? Fitness models? No way.”

Even MORE bullshit! I was making a half-hearted attempt and trying to do FD for the wrong reasons, so I FAILED again. I wasn’t doing it for me. I was trying to do it because I remembered how much my husband wanted to do it, and I ended up using anything I could as an excuse to stop.

Piece of advice: Do It For YOURSELF.




Third Times The CHARM!

Fast-forward almost a year later to March 2015. After some intense struggles in life, I was at my heaviest weight ever, and absolutely depressed. Life sucked; I felt fat, unattractive, weak, and I couldn’t focus on anything that was going on in my life. I was just going through the motions.

I was worried about my grades in school, and wondered if I should even keep on going, even though I only had 2 ½ months until I graduated.

I had hit rock bottom, and had no idea what to do; heck I hardly wanted to do anything besides surf the Internet mindlessly. In my mindless surfing, I kept coming across all of the progress pictures of the women who were in the first Fighter Diet challenge of the year, and I was impressed each and every time.

These photos planted a seed, and when I saw the advertisements for the Summer Shred, I was extremely interested.

Unfortunately, it took me a while to sign up because I kept telling myself that it would, once again, just be a waste of money because I couldn’t commit. I can’t tell you what it was, but despite my thoughts there was something inside that kept on bringing me back to the Fighter Diet website to look at the challenge rules, and setup EVERYDAY.

“You can’t afford it”

“You’ve tried it before and failed”,

“Why do you deserve the chance to do this?” on and on it went daily.

Then one day I just told myself to SHUT UP.

“It’s only 60 dollars to enter and you deserve the world!” “You can do this, and hell you might even be able to win.”

“There’s a reason you keep on coming back…your desire for change has become greater than your desire to stay the same.”

Totally cliché, but that’s how it happened, and that was the day I signed up.


12891001_10105388040290886_135390837744338682_o Tori getting her hair done before her winner photo shoot!


Goodness, was I excited!! I wanted to focus more on preparing for the challenge than I did for my last set of finals in college.

My commitment was through the roof! (I actually set aside studying for finals in order to read all of the books and map out my 12 week plan haha) Needless to say, something inside of me did a 360-degree turn, and nothing was going to stop me this time. I felt it.

Win or lose, I was going all the way and I’d be damned if I let silly thoughts or people get in my way.

The Mind is a Powerful Thing.

Once I decided I was going to finally commit to the program, I did absolutely everything in my power to ensure that I was progressing, and that I would cross the finish line.

Whether that meant buying a new gym membership while traveling, heading to the gym instead of the social gatherings, or bringing my own food to dinner at a friend’s house.

You name it; I probably did it in some way or another.

It required pure determination, and dedication on my part. Especially when dealing with the feelings, and opinions of others regarding my choices.

However, because I was finally willing to TRUST the process, and COMMIT to the program I can now say that I have FINALLY completed a fitness endeavor that I set out to do.

I truly owe it all to Pauline and her team of unspoken heroes, who are working day in and day out to answer everyone’s questions and ensure that they are on the right paths.

The challenge group I was apart of was pivotal in keeping me motivated, especially when trying to strengthen my mental discipline.

There was always supportive posts, and encouraging words when I, and others, were in need of it.

Without the challenge group, I would not be where I am at today. The group provided me with the support and accountability I needed to reach my goals, because on my own I was not
mentally disciplined enough to follow the program and succeed.

Fighter Diet has done more for me than any other fitness or self-help program ever could.

Fighter Diet has transformed my mind, body, and spirit!


12140965_10105388038294886_7341731737680403272_o Pauline and Tori at her winner photo shoot!


Prior to FD, I had attempted and failed every fitness challenge, cleanse, or 90 day at-home program you could imagine.

No matter how much I thought I wanted to be fit, I just could not
stick with the programs.

Fighter Diet has truly changed me for the better in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined.

I have an entirely new outlook on life, and a new passion to
pursue because of my newfound mental, and physical strength. Aside from feeling like I’m on top of the world, I feel like I have built a foundation of mental discipline from which I can do
absolutely anything I set my mind to, and it is wonderful feeling.

When I signed up for Pauline Nordin’s fitness challenge, I thought I was signing up for some cool prizes, and a better body…but what I was actually given is absolutely priceless, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything

in the world. Pauline shares so much more with her followers than her fitness knowledge, and if you follow her you know this.

So for those who are wondering who Pauline is, or what Fighter
Diet is: they are the embodiment of strength, passion, and dedication. They are life changing, revolutionary, and difficult to follow at times, but once you commit to understanding and
following them your life will be forever changed.

No doubt about it. What are you waiting for?


Special Thanks to the moderators and Pauline.

Thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge and abilities with the world, and for spending so much of your own time with us in the group.

You are going to continue to change the lives of millions, and you all have a special place in my heart. I really do love you ladies, and will one day find a way to thank you! I promise.


For my husband,

Thank you for introducing me to Fighter Diet, and being by my side every step of the way. From the constant massaging of my beat up & sore muscles, to making my protein shakes and leaving
them in the fridge for me after I got home from a workout.

I truly do appreciate all that you have done for me.

There were no questions when I needed to spend money on an additional gym membership, wanted to purchase another e-book to expand my knowledge, or spend 100+ dollars restocking on supplements.

You even went so far as to get me a heart rate monitor, ensure that I had proper running shoes for cardio, and surprise me with new sport bras and workout gear because you knew the few outfits and bras I had just wouldn’t cut it.

You took my pictures Wednesday mornings, dealt with all of my gassiness, and motivated me everyday.

Thanks for everything Joshua. I love you.


By: Tori Riegler

Editor: Pavel Ythjalll,


The CUTS & GAINZ Challenge is COMING this JULY!!