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FD for Men

When I get ready for a fight, I believe one of my advantages is the shape I come in. I take my training and preparation very serious and it only makes sense to get the best diet and nutrition out there. Before I met Pauline, I thought I had it down.

How wrong I was! Since working with Pauline, I've come in ripped and stronger than ever. My recovery after gruelsome training sessions during training camp is amazing; My strength is better than ever and in a sport where you can't leave anything to chance, nutrition is one of the key aspects.

In addition, Pauline is one of the most passionate and intense trainers I've ever dealt with.

On top of her vast nutrition and training knowledge, Pauline is great at helping preventing and rehabbing injuries.

Pauline's tremendous knowledge for the human body makes her work with soft tissue and trigger points one of a kind. I have referred several of the fighters from our team to Pauline.

I recommend Pauline to anyone who wants to make some serious changes in their lives or training!

- Marcus Kowal

After reading through the Fighter Diet Food Pyramid and Men's Guide, I realized some of the mistakes I had been making every time I went food shopping. I took what I had learned from these E-books and made new shopping lists. It took some time to get started but now it is just second nature.

From those same concepts I can make smart choices if I go out to eat or at a party.My workouts changed in a very similar way. I used what I had learned from the Fighter Diet E-Books and adapted them to my goals.  

Following Pauline's routines I found the appropriate mix of cardio and weights to suit my needs. How much, how often, when, all the answers where there.

When I first started my Fighter Diet journey in the Fighter Diet/Better Bodies 12 week challenge, I was only using protein supplements in my diet. I really believed in Pauline's concepts and wanted to show they worked without supplements.

Towards the very end I purchased FD Burn, FD Pump, and FD Greens looking for that extra edge. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

I had more energy throughout the day, my workouts got better, my pumps got more intense, and I could push that much harder! Now I refuse to live without my FD supplements!

- Alan