Greens X 3 Combo Pack

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FD GREENS 3PK COMBO FOR $104.85 - That's THREE FD GREENS for $34.95 each. SAVES $30!

Fighter Diet GREENS

 “If you’re just like me you tend to rotate two or maximum three kinds of vegetables and forget about the rest. Let’s face it. Do I think I’ll buy, wash, prepare, cut and slice thirty different greens every day? No! I still want the benefits from these wonderful greens to compliment what I put in my veggie bowls. That’s how I use my FD Greens. As an extra health insurance.” -Pauline Nordin, founder of Fighter Diet



The quality of today's vegetables and greens is questionable! You never know how much of the vitamins and minerals are still available to you even if they are organically grown. Think about it, before they made it to your plate they were exposed to long traveling, they sat in the produce department, then they were cooked to the point where they probably lost most of their nutrition. That's a lot to ask from any veggie! FD Greens was formulated to help with these issues.


  • Promote Cardiovascular and Joint Health**
  • Demonstrate Anti-Inflammatory Activity**
  • Support Immune Function**
  • Increase Energy**
  • Aid in Digestion**
  • Supply your liver’s detox system with beneficial compounds**
  • Promote Skeletal, Muscular and Skin Health**
  • Introduce Healthy Bacteria into the Colon**
  • Powerful Antioxidant (10,000 ORAC units)**
  • Help Maintain Healthy Blood Glucose**
  • Promote healthy cholesterol Levels**
  • Give you the equivalent of 10 Servings of whole food Vegetable and Fruit Antioxidants per Scoop**

My “Fighter Diet Greens” is the most complete greens supplement on the market. With over 70 different fruits, vegetables, and vitamin SUPERFOODS there simply isn’t anything more you can want! FD Greens can help with digestion, detoxifying the body, reduce inflammation inside out. It’s packed with probiotics that promote a healthy gut too. You get a lot of good stuff for your body in one little scoop. It’s convenient, it’s excellent for travels and a busy life when you can not always guarantee you’ll get your daily servings of fresh greens.

This product contains Sea Vegetables. Always seek the advice of your Doctor or Pharmacist before taking Fighter Diet Greens or any health supplement, especially if you are currently on medication. Carefully read the ingredients of this product to check for any allergens. Always take this and any supplement as directed by the label.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

FD GREENS 3PK COMBO FOR $104.85 - That's THREE FD GREENS for $34.95 each. SAVES $30!

Greens X 3 Combo Pack