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Men's Muscle Pak

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Been training but still not as buff and lean as you want? Then this pack is for you!

  • Do you have a beer belly despite clean eating?
  • Can't get your lower back to show any muscle definition?
  • Are you working out like a mad man but still look soft and puny?
  • Do you only gain belly fat when you try to pack on muscle?


You save MORE THAN 60$ 

Normal price to buy eBooks separately: 180$

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Pack includes weight workouts to pack on solid lean mass, the essential Men's guide containing both diet plans, workouts, hormone info and much more.

Fat Loss by Mind Power is added to boost your mental discipline to stick with your program!


Ebooks in pack

Men's Guide to Fighter Diet 

FD Wheels 

Delts 2 Die 4 vol 1 

Got Guns

FD Deadlifts 


Spectacular Chest 


Fat Loss by Mind Power 



Availability: In stock


Men's Muscle Pak