10 Muscle Rules for the Skinny Fat

10 Muscle Rules for the Skinny Fat

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10 Muscle Rules for the Skinny Fat

1. You can’t lean out what’s not there. Muscle must be built before you even consider adding cardio.

2. If your weight is where you want it to be but it’s not as firm as you want it means you need to gain a lot of muscle, not lose a lot of fat.

3. Don’t under eat in an attempt to lose body fat. You need to up your metabolic rate by building muscle that requires food.

4. Avoid training with a half assed approach. You need to lift to build mass not to ‘tone’ or ‘sculpt’.

5. Avoid adding too many athletic activities on top of your weight training since it just confuses your body about what you want to achieve.

Me after 3 years of training

6. Do not attempt to compete in figure or bikini and go into contest prep with too low lean muscle mass.

7. Expect your body weight to either stay around the same but your muscles will appear leaner over time alternatively gain weight but clothing are becoming looser.

8. Make sure you eat enough of all nutrients (not alcohol though). You need protein to build, carbs for energy and fats for vitamin absorption, cell membrane function etc.

9. Do not try to go ‘low cholesterol’ with your diet. Do not go ‘low sodium’ or do zero carb diets… they are not really fitted for you.

10. Have patience! Muscle building is an extremely slow process. You will not get it all in a few months. The longer you’re at it the better it turns out!

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