10 Reasons Why Healthy Living is the Way to Feel Fit, Strong and Happy to be You!

10 Reasons Why Healthy Living is the Way to Feel Fit, Strong and Happy to be You!

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Healthy nutrition is the foundation for health and for life. Nutritious food is what your body needs to feel healthy and a must for your body to tell you ‘I feel healthy’.

To eat healthy and keep a healthy relationship with food means you gotta know there is a time and a place for both ‘defeed’ and ‘refeed’ and you practice the way you ‘register what is love and how love of self feels’ by your daily practice.

Healthy eating does not mean ‘can’t have any junk’, you just have to know the balance is most is for health and wealth, the little extra is the greed feed.

Greed is nothing to feel guilty about, not when you use it to motivate you work on what you choose for your body and mind, and come to insight of the fact most clinging to erratic eating and overload of it is a matter of having had no freedom to have ‘what you love’ so you never feel satisfied.

To win over your feeling of guilt and shame, start separating the feeling of guilt from ‘the food’ and see your behavior for what it is. You’re believing it’ll be worth it because you want to ‘seize the moment’, this prompts you to go for it, it’s in your nature to not forget to catch the opportunity.

Unfortunately, our culture enables this trait in us the most by offering the most tempting food delights made to seduce our minds, the food industry knows how to make you salivate and want to have it. So there you go, you go buy it, you lose to the fear of separation from self neglect and self sabotage.

It’s likely you feel the way is to try harder, to be stronger and not forget your why, to clean up your act, try harder again, don’t be a fool. However, this is the same “trying to force to love” when you don’t have it in you yet.

You see, love and love of self and self care requires you to want to fight for your happiness in the moments you want to go in to hiding and just ‘solve it’.

But the ‘solving’ is the drug you return to and..since all other people ‘are doing the same’ you feel it’s not that much of a chance you will find the way nobody else can see…

And that.. is the ignorance of the human mind combined with the desire to dodge the bullet and not have to be the one who is the changing one for you to be happy: you delay the work needed another day, to another time….

Every time you choose the easy way to quit, you end up weaker and with the memory of knowing what you do, now this is the truth of you you don’t want to admit is real and you rather skip being present and hope to make it in the future.

Hope is the last thing to leave you…. So how long will you hold on to it with the same delivery of proof of concept coming day after day?

This is the test and the ultimate question on why you struggle.

The suffering is not needed, the struggle is a choice, you can do what I do choose to see all things as the best lessons and all obstacles serve as the reasons to do it.

Choose the fight for your dream to feel amazing!

The only difference between that fight and your self destruction routine is your choice.

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