10 Things I Do For My Legs & Glutes

10 Things I Do For My Legs & Glutes

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10 Things I Do For My Legs & Glutes

1. I have two workouts for them: one is zoned in on squat moves, one is zoned in on deadlift oriented moves.

2. I train inside legs just as hard as the rest. I don’t do high reps to tone. I go heavy.

Side Lunge.

3. I like German Volume Training (10 sets x 10 reps) for squats especially. Grueling.

4. I always focus on depth because I feel it’s the best way to stimulate glutes and legs overall while keeping the load lighter.

5. I stretch my calves daily to keep a good range of motion on my squats.

6. I do lots of sumo squats and sumo deadlifts.


7. I don’t consider cardio leg training and I never do cardio to tone my glutes. I do cardio to keep my body burning fat efficiently and keep a good amount of mitochondria in my muscles so I can push through the heavy work with weights.

8. I work my legs from all angles. The body doesn’t move in one plane only so neither should the training protocol.

9. I don’t wrap my knees or use a weight belt. I’ve tried both, I’ve tried sleeves too but it doesn’t feel right.

10. I do cardio 6 days a week because I don’t have the problem of not gaining muscle from it. It’s the opposite you should do if your legs and glutes are sticks!

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