10 Tips for a Successful Body Transformation

10 Tips for a Successful Body Transformation

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Fighterdiet Coach Nelly Pereira’s transformation. 

10 Tips for a Successful Body Transformation

1. Set up short term and long term goals. Write down what you ned to do to reach them.

2. Be realistic about your workout schedule. Fit in what you can even though it’s less than you would like. Overzealous ambition just sets you back.

3Make your diet plan simple. Cook for the whole week once a week so you take the ‘what am I going to eat today’ out of the equation.

4. When you get injuries, strains or setbacks in your personal life, don’t let it take over everything else. Be prepared to stay on track knowing that life’s never perfect.

5. Don’t feel discouraged when it gets tough. Tough doesn’t last forever but it’s always struggle in the beginning.

6. Stick to your guns when your friends/colleagues and friends try to talk you out of it.

7. Learn about muscles, anatomy and nutrition. The more you know, the more exciting and rewarding it becomes. 

8. If you get ill or sick, don’t throw in the towel. You can still make great progress following your diet to the letter.

9. When you have bad days with low motivation, remind yourself this comes and goes.

10. See it as a health investment because it is. It means you need to keep it up and not quit when you have a weak moment.

Fighterdiet Coach Nelly Pereira in May 2020.

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