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  • A 12 Week Day by Day Work out & Meal Plan.
  • Gain 3 months access into our challenge app! No recurring payments.
  • Work outs that will melt body fat & sculpt your body. Follow along workouts at home.
  • 24/7 Access to our Fighterdiet coaches who are trained to help you with any questions.
  • Live Q&A’s with Pauline Nordin!
  • A safe, secure female only community in a private facebook group.

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Pricing Increases to $59.99 9/1/19

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Frequently Asked Questions

BBP Challenge – This is our introduction to our fitness App! In this challenge you will have Pauline as your video instructor showing you how to burn fat, all while in the comfort of your home. These will consist of intense 20 minute circuit training exercises. Equipment is minimal: Bench, dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga ball, sliders.

Build & Burn Challenge – This is the old school weight lifting program. It consists mostly of free weights, so if you have an at home gym this can be done at home. We will focus on building muscle while simultaneously shedding fat.

YES! The BBP App can be downloaded on iOS 10+ and android 5.0+

The challenge starts October 9th until January 1st.

YES! You can work out at home. In the BBP Challenge Pauline uses the following equipment: Bands, Bench, Big Ball, Bodybar, Dumbbells, Extertube, Mat, Mini Ball, Mini Bands, Sliders.

You can chat with our live support or email us anytime at [email protected]


keo fox

transformed her life at 57
before fighterdiet
weight: 160 lbs
body fat: 35%
after fighterdiet
weight: 127 lbs
body fat: 8%
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 33 lbs
body fat lost: 27%

"I found support and SUCCESS. I learned to THINK and ACT to support my goals." -Keo Fox
*Keo Fox did 3 challenges back to back to achieve this.

Keo Fox Transformed Her Life
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Andrea Chan

toned muscles in 6 months.
before fighterdiet
weight: 151 lbs
body fat: 25%
after fighterdiet
weight: 138 lbs
body fat: 17%
fighterdiet results
weight lost: 13 lbs
body fat lost: 9%

"I exchanged fat for toned muscles over the course of 6 months and hardly recognize myself. I feel stunned, I can not believe this is me and I feel beautiful." -Andrea Chan

Andrea Chan Toned Muscles in 6 Months
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autumn jones

achieved her dream body
before fighterdiet
weight: 173 lbs
body fat: 32%
after fighterdiet
weight: 143 lbs
body fat: 17%
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 30 lbs
body fat lost: 15%

"I decided to join a challenge to turn my life around, to make a change, to bring out the fun, bubbly me again." -Autumn Jones
Autumn was a runner with no results, started Fighterdiet and achieved her dream body!

Autumn Jones achieved her dream body.
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tori riegler

tori lost 24 pounds
before fighterdiet
weight: N/A
body fat: 27%
after fighterdiet
weight: N/A
body fat: 18.5%
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 24 lbs
body fat lost: 9.5%

"I feel phenomenal, I feel like I can rock any outfit. It has give me my self esteem back and I feel toned." -Tori
Tori lost 24 pounds and 2 inches around her waist and 4 inches of her hips and went from a size 40 to 36.

Tori Riegler Lost 24 punds
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giselle le blanc

lean toned muscles and abs!
before fighterdiet
weight: 144 lbs
body fat: N/A
after fighterdiet
weight: 134 lbs
body fat: N/A
fighterdiet results*
weight lost: 10 lbs
body fat lost: N/A

"Lost 5 inches around my waist and 6 inches from my butt." -Giselle le Blanc
Giselle replaced a lot of fat with lean toned muscles and got ABS!

Giselle Le Blanc lean toned muscles and abs!
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Watch how runner Autumn Jones lost 30 pounds
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Watch Martina's story and see what she accomplished in just 3 Months!
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Tori Riegler's trip to Los Angeles to meet Pauline
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Watch Andrea's Transformation!
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