Building a Great Physique Takes More Than Perfect Form

Building a Great Physique Takes More Than Perfect Form

Building a Great Physique Takes More Than Perfect Form 560 350 Pavel Ythjall Pavel Ythjall

Building a Great Physique Takes More Than Perfect Form (article from the archives)

It takes putting your soul into it.
It takes pushing the limit.
It takes asking for more.
It takes going beyond comfort.
It takes some gambling.
It takes caution.
It takes thinking and analyzing about how can I keep growing?

Reality and theory don’t always go hand in hand.
Your muscles will at some point need to be forced.
You will need to walk the thin line between overloading and not getting hurt.

You will need to know what you’re doing before you can sacrifice form to reach a higher level. Is there risk involved? Yes.

If you are too strict you restrict the load required.
If you’re too rigid you won’t be able to overload.
If you’re too careless you will break.
It comes down to how much can your body take. 

This is bodybuilding. It’s not rehab.
You need to train your body well to sustain abuse.
The better your body is trained, the more rough it can take.

There’s a reason why the best physiques are not made with light weights and “perfect” form 365. It’s because it took everything to go past average.

When you criticize us who train like beasts to go way further than the rest, ask yourself did you!

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