5 Things to Know About Weight Loss Progress Photos

5 Things to Know About Weight Loss Progress Photos

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5 Things to Know About Weight Loss Progress Photos

1) Do not expect visual changes weekly, especially when you’re embarking your fat loss journey with many lbs to liberate yourself from. Remember there are layers on the onion! You won’t see on the outside when the inner layers are peeled off.

2) Have faith in this absolute truth: if you eat right and exercise you will succeed. Second guessing yourself? Remember my golden rule: what you don’t eat can’t make you gain weight.

3) Focus on how you feel before you look at the progress photos you take. Same regarding the body scale. First, take a look in the mirror, measure with tape but most importantly ask yourself how does working out and taking care of my health make me feel? that is what will keep you going.

4) Be proud of your continuous efforts to do this fit life thing! You can do it. It’s no magic, just determination on fire and a positive outlook. It’s a journey in self-discovery and self-analysis. We grow from going through the fire. Embrace this as your challenge, not as your burden.

5) Screw people’s opinions and ‘helpful suggestions’. Half of it is not even thought through before it is delivered, half of it is bull shit dressed up as advice.Remember you live in your own body and in your own mind, that’s why you never outsource the control center to any exterior source of influence.

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