5 Tips for Leaner Abs

5 Tips for Leaner Abs

5 Tips for Leaner Abs 560 350 Pavel Ythjall Pavel Ythjall


5 Tips for Leaner Abs

1. Build them! Don’t try to ‘tone’ or ‘tighten.’ Build them massive so they poke out through the skin. You don’t need paper thin belly fat to have them show.

2. Build muscle. Everywhere using the true compound moves like deadlift, squat, bench, standing shoulder presses. These recruit so many muscles including those which help you get more defined abs as well.

3. Add more protein, add more veggies, and do this trial: minimize grains to one meal and post workout meal only and bring on the veggies. Do that for 2 weeks. You’ll drop the layer of fat on top. Don’t worry, you can refeed on carbs after the trial, just give it a shot to see for yourself.

4. Do tough exercises so you fatigue fast. Your abs are not meant to be trained like marathon runners if you want them to look like they’re sprinters (muscle density)!

5. Train the vacuum pose regularly. This means sucking it in so you see your ribs. Why? It helps you control your stomach so it’s never completely loose.

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