60 Years Young!

60 Years Young!

60 Years Young! 560 350 Pavel Ythjall Pavel Ythjall

60 Years Young!

Some of you know how old I am, (60 in January.) I have been lifting weights since 1980 – almost 40 years.  I haven’t always been lean and ripped, I’ve been seriously injured, depressed, had surgeries, a hernia, etc… and have needed to take time off for moving, job change, divorce, etc.

What has sustained me my entire life’s journey is I never stopped working out. I remained committed to myself. This is about my health. It isn’t about how I look (although this is a great side effect from eating well and exercising!).

My point is this:

If you find yourself obsessed with looking a certain way, obsessed about weighing a certain weight, obsessed about looking good for _____event – those are all short-term (and short-sighted) unhealthy obsessions about why you are doing this. I want to age without aches and pains.

I want to be able to put my own shoes on when I’m 95. I want to be lifting weights when I’m in my 70s and 80s and 90s. I weight train because it is my key to staying healthy and independent. I do this for me. Not for a number on a scale or to look great in a photo for my college reunion. Being obsessed is not healthy. Eliminating food groups for no logical reason is unhealthy. Being fat phobic or fat-shaming yourself is unhealthy. Educate yourself about injuries if you have one; plan to enjoy your birthday or vacation but get right back on track…. forgive yourself for whatever it is you feel guilty about!

Women, you need to take charge of yourself!

The best forgiveness is changed behavior. Isn’t it great that you get to decide, every day, who you’re going to be for yourself and how you’re going to do it?

This is a privilege.

Simple choices, simple behaviors repeated day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year turn into sustainable discipline that naturally becomes a part of who you are. Who are you to yourself?

Why are you doing this challenge? Comment below!

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