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"I flew from Florida to Vegas and back the same day and realized I turned a dream into a reality. Meeting Pauline was like meeting a long time best friend - she was real, genuine, funny, candid and as gorgeous in real life as she is on social media. She has been through so many life challenges with me - good and bad. I was emotional meeting her as she has impacted me so much.

As Pavel Ythjall posted the other day, we are here to FIGHT every day. Fight for our best selves and health, fight through our crappy jobs, family drama and heartache, mental and physical breakdowns, unsupportive boyfriends/significant others (ladies, do not shed another tear on your exes!!), people who question/criticize our FD lifestyle, our falling off the wagon, etc. Fight. Every. Day.

Pauline is a constant reminder of this.
Her coaches and team have been wonderful thru these challenges. See you ladies in Build & Burn"

- Kelly Parish

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