10 benefits of walk instead of doing HIIT!

Tony Garcia, currently enrolled in Military Challenge 1. "My body is feeling broken today. Broken and tired. I am gonna be fighting to myself into the gym this morning. Today is an Energy Drink day - Tony"

10 benefits of walk instead of doing HIIT!

1. HIIT can interfere with recovery since it's very strenuous and intense.

2. Not everyone can do HIIT safely.

3. It requires no warm-up.

4. It can speed up recovery since moving increases blood flow throughout your muscles and body overall.

5. Since it's low intensity, you won't as easily lose strength.

6. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

7. it's less tough on knees and hips compared to running.

8. You can multitask, for instance listening to podcasts or audiobooks without feeling your intensity drops.

9. It requires less pre workout focus and no need to psyche up to perform.

10. It de-stresses you!