10 BUTT MOVES you can do at HOME

10 BUTT MOVES you can do at HOME

Overloading the glutes to grow strong and round requires no gym if you choose exercises that are challenging you.

Here's my top 10 list on butt moves that require no equipment!

1. One legged chair squats aka the idiot squat.

2. Side lunges with arms crossed behind your neck.

3. One leg glute thrust on the floor.

4. Nordic curls using a couch as the counter weight for your feet.

5. Step ups in a staircase.

6. Walking lunges in a corridor or yard.

7. Duck butt on the couch.

8. Plie Squats with a broomstick over your head.

9. Leg raises to the wall.

10. One leg romanian readlifts with a backpack as your weight.

THE BUTT BIBLE WORKOUT you can do at home! These exercises are in the programs.