10 EASY ways to improve YOUR DIET

10 EASY ways to improve YOUR DIET

1. Pick 3 different kind of veggies to eat everyday. Opt for cross picking from several veggie families. For example Spinach, cabbage and mushrooms (these are all from different veggie families), instead of spinach, swiss chard and Beets (these are from the same family). 

2. If you need to look up what ingredients are on a can or package, don't eat it as a staple food on your diet.

3. Bake and steam instead of fry or grill.

4. Use your oils for seasoning, NOT for high heat cooking.

5. Buy nuts raw, not dry roasted in high heat.

6. Invest in wild caught fish which are not big big ones (bigger fish often have higher levels of mercury). Shrimp, scallops, squid, cod, pink salmon, alaskan pollock are better than swordfish, tuna and chilean sea bass. Avoid farm raised since the fish are given the wrong kind of food which produces another kind of fatty acid profile compared to WILD.

7. Shopping at Wholefoods is not a guarantee for 'no sugar added.' Always read the label and don't buy stuff with ADDED sugar.

8. f you buy nut milks, make sure you read the label thoroughly since many of them have a lot of added sugar.

9. Use organic herbs. They're health elixirs.

10. When buying chicken, please buy organic as much as possible... The only way we can change the industry is to support right ways of handling animals for our consumption. You DO become what you eat, so do care about what the chicken went through before they come to your dinner table...