Andrea Chan, continous FIGHTERDIET challenges!


1. Overestimating their muscle mass and trying to tone to get leaner. Results in a slower metabolism which leads to no fat loss and faster fat gain.

2. Avoiding the "big exercises" like deadlifts and challenging squats out of fear of getting a wide waistline and wide hips.

3. Using too light weights for too long for no reason.

4. Eating too little protein and too much fruit.

5. Doing cardio in the fat loss zone or over emphasize endurance training like marathons, triathlons and other long distance sports in an attempt to achieve a look you don't get with those sports but in the gym.

6. Using a waist trainer.

7. Doing stiff legged deadlifts with rounding your lower back to get very very deep down despite being told it puts too much pressure on the lower back and disengages the glutes.

The women insist they feel such a good hamstring stretch when doing it which is a given when you do stretch into that position but it's not worth it since you also need to use enough weights to challenge the muscles and you shouldn't with a rounded back.

8. Under eating overall for your goal. You can't build and burn on a starvation diet.

9. Training for a thigh gap. Thigh gap isn't a sign of fitness. It's a sign of either lack of muscle mass or a wide hip structure.

10. Training abs with 100's of reps every day in an attempt to lean out when what needs to be done is eat better.

January 10th we start our 2 new challenges, THE BUTT BIBLE and SUPER SHRED, which one are you?