10 HEALTH Reasons to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Alan Cummings, FD Coach for the DYD Challenge and FD Coach for the Miltary Challenge together with one of our DYD winners, Gloriela Rosas.

10 HEALTH Reasons to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

1. Less body fat means less estrogenic effect on your whole body. Estrogen is one of the big players in cancer.

2. Lower insulin levels. Insulin is also part of tumor growth etc since insulin is anabolic to all tissues.

3. Lower blood pressure.

4. More muscle mass = higher bone density.

5. Better glucose regulation and better utilization of carbs.

6. Excess weight wears on your knees and hip joints.

7. Increased metabolic rate from higher activity level and increased muscle mass.

8. In men, less body fat = higher testosterone levels. In women, less body fat = decreased breast and cervical cancer.

9. Better GOOD cholesterol levels and controlled bad cholesterol particles.

10. Happier skin, nails and hair from higher protein intake and lots of antioxidant rich vegetables that are part of a lean diet.

Watch the winners of DYD Challenge 2016 train with Mike Rashid in his gym in Miami (part of the win was travel and spend time in Miami)