10 laws for a happy mind

10 laws for a happy mind

1. Stop hoarding parasites! Parasites are people who live off your positive energy while poisoning you with negative energy.

2. Don’t outsource your actions like you’re a marionette puppet. If you want to lead your life then don’t hand the reins to others.

3. Don’t wait around to feel appreciated. Be with those who lift you up not put you down.

4. Be strong enough to leave, to end what’s destructive and to be alone. Nothing will make you feel more lonely than not being alone but feeling like you are.

5. Remember you’re a star. Not everyone will be able to see you because all they know is the dark.

6. Never change your clear path for a side track you’ll regret later. Focus on your journey. Stop for nothing.

7. Know your needs, know your wants. And never let someone tell you they’re not legit or important.

8. Believe you’re worth what you give.

9. Don’t settle out of desperation. Never settle at all. Settling means accepting to be and have what’s less than you hoped for. That’s usually the result of not letting go out of fear of being alone.

10. There’s a reason you meet people and reasons you leave people. Trust your intuition!

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